How to Learn to Reevaluate Situations


Wie du lernst, Situationen neu zu bewerten


Everyone can create and capitalize on spaces of freedom, regardless of whether they are entrepreneurs, leaders, assembly line workers, or telemarketers. The spaces of freedom may vary, but they are often larger than one might think. Regardless of organizational constraints, you can always begin to autonomously shape your activities, areas of influence, and work situations. Ask yourself: What opportunities, games, and freedoms do I have? Which ones am I already using? Which ones could I utilize more effectively?


Why your self-efficacy belief is crucial


How do you perceive your freedoms? The more restrictions you perceive and experience, the more important it is to counteract with your self-efficacy belief. Belief in your own abilities to handle a situation successfully is crucial. This way, you feel in control of the situation. The less convinced you are of your self-efficacy, the lower your perceived situational control will be. Typical thoughts might include: “I can’t change my working hours, I have no say anyway.” “I don’t like my workplace, but I can’t get a new one.” Turn these thoughts around, for example: “I can discuss with my boss whether I can work only 80 percent, which would be a significant improvement in working hours for me.”


Learn to reevaluate situations


When you perceive a situation as uncontrollable, external restrictions appear more intense. This, in turn, negatively affects your self-esteem and leads to a decrease in your sense of competence, ultimately resulting in disillusioned resignation. If for years you feel you cannot change your situation despite trying everything you can, it can lead you to eventually give up. Does it still bother you? Probably yes.

That’s why it’s so important to seek a social or organizational environment that supports what you do. Suppose you want to get fitter and enthusiastically sign up for the gym. If your colleague now says it’s “just a waste of money” and loudly expresses the opinion that you “won’t go regularly anyway,” it may slow down your change efforts. However, if your colleague comes along every Wednesday and supports you socially, it will accelerate your change process and strengthen your belief in your own efforts to be successful.


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Debora Karsch, CEO and Master Trainer at persolog GmbH

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