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7 Arguments for Stress

Stress is the top phenomenon of our time. It is usually perceived as negative. However, stress is the elixir for cooperation, career, and success. We present 7 examples where stress helps us daily.

7 Arguments for Stress


1. Stress helps in making decisions

Imagine a mundane decision situation between two nearly identical options. Without any stress, it would be very difficult to make a decision because the necessary pressure to decide would be lacking. Time pressure, expectations from the environment, and other tasks provide the necessary stress to make a good decision. However, if the pressure is too high, the decision is made reactively and can have negative consequences.


2. Stress keeps you fit

The reduction of resources and the simultaneous multiplication of communication effort increase the general stress level in companies. New structures adapted to societal changes are required. Without this stress, the company would lag behind the times in its organizational structure and soon behind the competition as well.


3. Stress optimizes workflows

The redesign of corporate structures goes hand in hand with the optimization of workflows. Nothing runs without stress. With too much, the lines clog up. It brings to light what is really needed. Whether it’s more time, more resources, or more support from management. Stress helps also reveals what is unnecessary and obstructive. In the end, there is an improved work situation that helps reduce the workload for everyone.


4. Stress saves projects

A project in the company is stagnating? Or: The project is almost drowning in chaos? Deadlines are constantly being postponed? Milestones not achieved? What is missing is the right level of stress! Only with the right amount of stress helps us so our projects still be saved. Here, leaders are needed to take over project management, clarify responsibilities, control schedules, and ask the right questions.


5. Stress strengthens collaboration

Work situations fraught with stress bring together employees who have not really worked together before. It means they can no longer avoid each other. When the level is right, there is a good work result in the end, a joint success, and thus the basis for further trouble-free cooperation.


6. Stress promotes ideas and innovative solutions

Sure, tasks can also be completed simply by following a standard procedure. But that’s not always possible. Unexpected changes create stress, and without new ideas and innovative solutions, timely and appropriate completion is doomed to fail. These ideas and solutions forced by stress help to react more flexibly to task requirements in the future.


7. Stress as a success factor

Stress is the ultimate career factor. Those who “don’t stress” won’t get ahead. No one has ever been promoted on their own, not even with the best relationships. But: Those who stress too much also risk being left behind due to false ambition.


Overall, it can be said that stress helps us and is an ambivalent phenomenon. On the one hand, it can help us be efficient and successful. On the other hand, too much stress can also have negative effects and burden us in the long run. It is therefore important to find a healthy level and use it as an opportunity to overcome challenges and be successful.

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