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Do you want to use a professional tool that not only measures stress for you but also gives clear ways to handle it? Then get to know the persolog® Stress Profile today.

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, but they often don’t realize them. However, our traits and how we act are really important for dealing with stress.

When it comes to this, we should ask two main questions:

  • How do I handle my stress triggers on my own and in different situations?
  • What am I good at and what are my limits?

Learning tools help figure out how we behave and what skills we have in different areas. Unlike tests, they make you think about yourself. You don’t need an expert to tell you things. You just fill in the form, look at the results, and make plans yourself. A teacher or coach helps you learn.


Learning tools give you:

  • A view of what you’re good at socially and personally
  • Working on the results by yourself
  • Seeing your results and how you can improve
  • Knowing what you’re good at and where you need work
  • Starting points to get better

Checking stress with questions


Anyone can fill out the persolog® Stress Profile form by themselves. You look at what stresses you out, see the results, and make graphs. This helps you see how you act – which is key to handling stress.


Behavior is important

It’s not just about what stresses you out but also how you act when you’re stressed. The form helps you understand your stress and deal with it. You think about what stress does to you and learn how to handle it better.


The persolog® Stress Profile helps you get better at managing stress:

  • It shows how your stress affects you.
  • You figure out how to deal with it.
  • It tells you if you handle stress well or not.
  • It breaks down stress into eleven ways people act, not just three like other tests.
  • It gives six ways to handle each of those eleven types of stress.

Where the persolog® Stress Profile helps:

  • Stopping stress and keeping it from happening
  • Keeping people healthy and strong
  • Managing yourself and your relationships at work
  • Teaching and coaching
  • Helping people get better at their jobs

We teach you how to handle stress

In the training, teachers and coaches learn how to use the Stress Profile well.

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