The Secret of Successful Job Selection


Das Geheimnis erfolgreicher Personalauswahl

All companies seek the best employees, yet many end up hiring the lesser ones. Often, hiring decisions are made based on either likability or expertise. Neither of these are good criteria for finding a new top employee. So, how do you find the best candidate for a position and ensure a perfect fit in your personnel selection process, especially when expertise and likability aren’t leading to success?

If, for example, you’re seeking a new salesperson and hire the one with the most experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best fit for your company. What matters more is:

  1. Can the candidate fulfill what the leadership expects of them?
  2. Can the candidate fulfill the company’s requirements?
  3. Can the candidate leverage their strengths in this position?
  4. Can your company become more successful with the candidate’s strengths or will they act as a hindrance?
  5. Do candidates and leadership complement each other and can they be successful as a team?

There are people who seek a job, and there are people who seek a purpose

If you want to attract the best employees, you hire the latter. Those who seek a purpose that aligns with their strengths. By the way, they make up only about 10% of all applicants. This means you have to filter them out. You can be sure: Employees with the right attitude will quickly acquire the necessary expertise. As John G. Geier, developer of the persolog® Personality Factor Model, once said:

“People are hired for their expertise, but fired for their personality.”

Put an end to costly hiring mistakes – get the right people on board from the start. The persolog® Job Profile can help with that. You create a profile at the beginning to clarify: What do you expect from “the empty chair”? This makes many things easier in the hiring process…

With the persolog® Job Profile, you can

  • … improve your hiring process.
  • … determine the job requirements (candidate profile).
  • … evaluate candidates for suitability and identify important follow-up questions.
  • … optimally compare candidate and job profiles.
  • … eliminate different perspectives for a specific position.
  • … better assess whether the candidate can truly support your company.
  • … analyze whether the candidate is a good fit for the job.

The individual is your most important growth factor

The persolog® Job Profile helps you continuously accompany, promote, and challenge the most important growth factor of your company, the individual:

  1. You hire the right people.
  2. The employee knows from the outset what is expected of them.
  3. Career planning: You can more easily assess the perspectives you have for the employee.

Our tip: In our practical seminar “Assessing and Winning Applicants Correctly,” you’ll discover new perspectives in personal development. Learn how to create the best match between applicants and the employer to guarantee professional success.

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