The Technology for Your Webinar, Online Seminar or Zoom Session

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Die Technik für dein Webinar, Online Seminar oder deine Zoom-Session


The past few years have presented significant challenges due to the pandemic, especially in the realm of education and training. With the inability to conduct in-person seminars and trainings, the solution was to transition everything to online formats. However, this transition wasn’t easy for everyone. We managed to switch everything to live online seminars within 2 weeks and have gained considerable experience, especially in the international market, with Zoom sessions, webinars, and online seminars.

Therefore, we’ve compiled the technology and materials you’ll need for your training to hopefully assist you in this endeavor.


Technology for Your Live Online Seminar or Training

We’ve had good experiences with the following technology in our live online seminars:

Background; Greenscreen:

Foldable and movable metaplan board:

Camera for close-ups (profiles, card games, etc.)

Webcam:  (high battery life, HD quality, exposure correction)

Entry-level Webcam: (budget-friendly option)

Headset:  (long battery life, excellent audio quality, USB connectivity, fine microphone)

Office 365:  (to easily record and save Zoom meetings)

Sticky -Notes:





Technology for Your Video Recordings

This equipment is excellent if you want to create your own webinars, online courses, or seminars to provide to your clients permanently. For example, we used this equipment to create our self-leadership online coaching:

Camera for seminar recordings:

Tripod for camera:


Microphone (excellent quality):

Lighting: Three lamps for optimal illumination


  • Final Cut Pro X for video and audio
  • QuickTime Player for screen recordings

We hope this list is helpful to you.

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