No Time? Why Time Management Gets You Closer to Your Goals


Keine Zeit? Warum dich Zeitmanagement deinen Zielen näher bringt


We all strive for something in our lives. One person may have known since childhood which profession they want to pursue, while another focuses all their actions on winning a competition. Some develop an inner urge to start a family, write a novel, or own a house with a garden over the course of their lives. And, of course, there are people who strive not to strive. What is your life vision? Finding your own life vision and implementing it – that’s exactly what time management is about.

In essence, time management is about taking responsibility for an optimal use of your own lifetime. The key here is time competence. This means the ability to use time management effectively. This ability differentiates people who live aimlessly from those who question whether what they are doing truly makes them happy.

You cannot stop, save, or collect your time. Your lifetime is finite and therefore precious: Compare your time to a diamond. No two are alike. No life is like another. Therefore, you should use your lifetime as you want to use it. You should give your diamond the final polish so that it shines and sparkles. With time management, you already have the right tool in hand. You cannot control time itself, but you can influence which actions you fill your valuable lifetime with. Time management is self-management with a special focus on optimally utilizing a given time frame. Time management is thus much more than managing your own time. Time management is about you. It’s about your goals, your visions, your life.


Specifically, time management encompasses the following areas of significance:


  1. In your personal time management, you question what is important to you. Good time management leads you to find your very own life vision and to consider to what extent your current use of time contributes to achieving this vision.
  2. Time management means defining goals that align with your life vision and deciding which actions will lead you to your goal.
  3. Time management implies implementing your plan effectively and efficiently.
  4. Time management involves controlling your time planning and time utilization.

We live in a complex world, in an age of ever faster changes. Economic, social, and technological trends are less predictable. The only stable component is the human being. That’s you, with your ability to lead yourself and adapt to changes. Through optimized time management, you improve…

  • Effectiveness, efficiency, and ability to concentrate,
  • dealing with time-critical situations and goal conflicts, perceived time control,
  • as well as your self-confidence and
  • increase your self-responsibility.

In our complex world, you are particularly successful and happy when you use time management. It helps you gain sovereignty over your precious lifetime: If you feel you don’t have enough time, time management supports you in gaining time through planning. If you are working unproductively, time management helps you focus on the essentials, set priorities, and regain control.


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