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Personality Factor Model

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Certification persolog® Personality Factor Model

The range of instruments for team, management and personality development is now immensely wide. The question "Why should I work with the persolog® Personality Factor Model as a personnel developer, trainer or coach? is therefore justified.

Here are the top three answers:

1. because the Personality Factor Model is based on a strong scientific foundation that is continuously questioned and further developed.

2. Because it is based on a purely situational approach - and consistently rejects pigeonhole thinking.

3. because the products around the Personality Factor Model are designed to solve a wide variety of business problems - and support you wherever people work together.

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This is your certification if you...

  • would like to work with an internationally recognized, scientifically sound instrument for personality development.
  • want access to a workable tool that you can use in a variety of areas: from personnel selection, to team development, to sales and negotiations
  • Want to get to know a model that only certified trainers can use: In Germany alone, over 6,000 people are certified - 90% of DAX companies rely on the Personality Factor Model.
  • would like to receive concrete suggestions as to how and in which areas you can optimally use the persolog® Personality Factor Model in practice.
  • want access to products that are available in up to 32 languages - both print and online.


These are your certification contents

  • You will get to know and understand the behavioural dimensions D, I, S and G - as well as their mixed forms.
  • You will learn everything about the history and theory of the model.
  • You will get to know the broad portfolio of products for the Personality Factor Model - and learn where you can best use which product.
  • You learn everything about the 7 interpretation levels - and carry out numerous exercises for the individual levels.
  • Get to know eport - the virtual report world of persolog® - and learn everything about the online questionnaires and reports.
  • You will receive valuable information on statistics and the research background of the Personality Factor Model.



Download: Tagesablauf Ihrer Zertifizierung

Your bonus

  • You will receive concrete tips on how to plan, carry out and design your events for the persolog® Personality Factor Model.
  • You will receive numerous materials - including completely elaborated seminar concepts - at your fingertips.


circle of participants

Trainers, consultants, personnel managers and coaches who would like to use the persolog® Personality Factor Model in one of the following areas:


Your trainers

Friedbert Gay – Your persolog trainer, persolog Speaker

Friedbert Gay – Your persolog trainer

Friedbert Gay's enthusiasm for people and their personality can be felt from the very first moment. With his stirring and authentic style he always succeeds in captivating and inspiring his audience.

Prof. Dirk Wolff, persolog Trainer

Prof. Dirk Wolff

Dirk Wolff's strength lies in structuring and description of complex interrelations and relationships. He likes it is when things are clearly named and therefore gladly helps to achieve clarity to worry about. This approach shapes his trainings, Coachings and seminars.

Learn more.

On the first day you apply the model to your own person.

Experience yourself.

On two further days you will acquire background and trainer knowledge.

Take along.

You will receive a 3-part trainer's guide with over 50 exercises, theoretical background information, three seminar drafts including PowerPoint presentation as well as supplementary books, profiles, checklists and Intendo cards.

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Absolutely a must for everyone who works with people.

Heike Horn

Knowledge of human nature to take away.

Leo Martin

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