Do You Know the 5 Love Languages?


Die 5 Sprachen der Liebe

The Secret to a Functioning Relationship

Valentine’s Day – the day dedicated entirely to love. On this day, we can surprise our loved ones with small attentions/gifts and show them how much we appreciate them. But one thing is clear: This can happen on any other of the 365 days of the year just the same. However, how people express their affection in romantic relationships is individual and varies from person to person. Each person has different needs as well as ways of communicating affection and love.

The American author and couples’ counselor, Gary Chapman, came up with the following concept a few years ago: „The 5 Love Languages“. He is convinced that these 5 love languages play a crucial role in relationships and are responsible for whether the partner feels loved.


And these are the five love languages:


Words of Affirmation

Here, feelings are wrapped in words. Sentences like “I love you,” “I am proud of you,” compliments, words of appreciation, verbal support, but also digital communication such as a daily “good morning” are of great importance to people who prefer this love language. This is how they feel seen, loved, and understood. If this type of communication is missing, it can also become a reason for doubts to arise.


Receiving Gifts

This love language revolves around gifts where the giver has put thought into it. It’s not about the material value but about the symbol being set. Gifts that are meaningful and show that the partner listens and knows their significant other. Whether it’s their favorite chocolate at the end of a stressful workday or a bouquet of flowers – it’s often the little things that come from the heart.


Acts of Service

“Actions speak louder than words” – that’s the motto of this third love language. This includes, for example, carrying the groceries, picking up the partner from the airport, taking care of the partner when they are sick, or simple phrases like “Let me help you.”


Quality Time

For people whose love language is “Quality Time,” they feel most loved and appreciated when their partner wants to spend time with them and gives them their undivided attention. Maintaining eye contact, actively listening, being present. Without any distractions. This is how you can win the hearts of these individuals.


Physical touch

Hugs, holding hands, intimacy – that’s what the fifth love language is about. For many people, this is a way to express emotional connection and truly empathize with their partner.


Being aware of these 5 love languages can only benefit your own relationship. Our tip: Be attentive in your relationship and try to recognize which of these 5 love languages your partner speaks. If you’re not sure which of the 5 love languages is yours but would like to know, there are countless quizzes and books available online that can help you figure that out.

And what does all of this have to do with persolog? Understanding your partner’s love language can have a positive impact on resilience in a relationship. When both partners make an effort to understand each other’s needs and act accordingly, it can strengthen the bond and help them better navigate challenges together. If you’re looking to build your own resilience, then our event “The Resilience Day” is just right for you!

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