Why am I not successful?


Erfolgsfaktor Persönlichkeit – Was erfolgreiche Menschen von nicht erfolgreichen unterscheidet

Have you ever met a successful person who makes you wonder why he/she is so successful? What is the difference between successful people and others? Are these people simply more motivated, more ambitious or even more intelligent than unsuccessful ones? Have successful people fewer failures – or more? The good news is that none of this is essential to your success!


Focus on your strengths

Successful people’s key is so simple and yet often so difficult to implement in today’s world. The formula for success is: Focus on your own strengths! Develop them consciously in order to use your full potential. Granted, there is always that little bit of luck that contributes to success. For example, being in the right place at the right time or meeting the right person. But that is not necessarily within our sphere of influence. What we can influence, however, is the use of our strengths. Because that is the essential factor that determines success.

You will probably never be successful at something you are not good at. But if you use your strengths in the right way, you will be amazed at the success you can achieve. Whether you are self-employed or employed, whether you are in a leadership position or not – using your own personal potential is essential for your success. Especially in our time when success strategies are changing faster and faster. Not only at work, but everywhere where you want to get ahead with other people. The better you know yourself and your strengths, the better you can focus on your strengths and balance your weaknesses. This will not only increase your effectiveness and performance, but also your conviction that you can achieve what you want to achieve.

Invest in your own development

Therefore: Invest in your own development. If you lead a team, invest in the development of your employees as well. Find out what you are good at. Find out what the others are good at and why there is always conflict at certain points.

If you’re thinking now, “Fine, that’s easy to say, but how can I find out more about my strengths or the strengths of those around me?” If you want to figure out your strengths, you first need to get to know your personality better and what makes you different from others. This will help you learn to better appreciate not only yourself, but also the behavior of others. This knowledge changes your perspective and opens up new possibilities for action.

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