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The persolog Conversational Dynamics Model

Communicate efficiently. The persolog Conversational Dynamics Model will help you to shape your conversations efficiently. This will improve the atmosphere in your company, your ability to convince and your assertiveness.

› Developing. Adapt your communication to the situation.
› Communication. Make efficient communication happen.
› Sustainably. Promote cooperation and efficiency.

Get to know your listening style.

Successful communication requires listening well. Analyze your personal listening style and learn to deal with those of others. This will make you more efficient.

Reach your listeners purposefully.

Whether people understand what is being said, strongly depends on their listening style. Learn to adapt your listening and communication style to the situation and communicate successfully in networks.

Improve your communication comprehensively.

The persolog Conversational Dynamics Model consists of two parts: the Listening Profile will help you to get to know the listening rhythms and to adapt to them.  The Conversational Dynamics Profile serves to analyze the conversational dynamics in your network of relations.

Profit from conversational dynamics.

Steer conversational dynamics. By communicating skillfully, you will reduce stress, shorten meeting hours, improve cooperation and reach your goals more quickly.

Communicate on a scientific basis.

The persolog Conversational Dynamics Model is based on the behavioral research by Prof. John G. Geier and Prof. Dorothy Downey. The tool was developed by Dr. phil. Lana Ott and Renate Wittmann (MA/education).

Certification for the persolog Conversational Dynamics Model

Get to know your listening style in the certification for the persolog Conversational Dynamics Model and develop methods to deal with other listening styles.

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Learning tools for the persolog Conversational Dynamics Model

  • persolog Conversational Dynamics Model (German)
  • Facilitator’s Manual with copy templates and presentations (German)

Very valuable to recognize how effective the "interpersonal" is in communication.

Angelika Bach

An excellent instrument for professional self-reflection and optimisation of teamwork.

Michael Grönheim

Nein, Danke

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