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persolog Learning and Teaching Model

Secure learning success in the long term. The persolog Learning and Teaching Model helps you to shape your learning processes efficiently. Learning and Teaching behavior will be aligned.

   › Learn. Understand learning styles.
   › Effective. Optimize learning behavior.
   › Learning. Teach with higher participant orientation.

Optimize seminars.

Lengthy inefficient trainings are part of the past. Now you can offer seminars with sustainable effective learning success that rouse the participants’ interest.

Adapt to your participants.

Grafik_LearingnEach one of us learns differently.  The persolog Learning Style Profile enables teachers/trainers/coaches to determine learning styles quickly and reliably and to adapt their trainings accordingly.   Learners will find it easier to optimize their learning behavior.

Improve your teaching style.

The persolog Teaching Style Profile helps teachers to optimize their teaching style. Improve your didactics/principles of teaching and pool of methods.

Trust in science and practice.

On the basis of the behavioral research by Prof. John G. Geier, Renate Wittmann, expert in adragogics, developed the persolog Learning and Teaching Model in cooperation with teachers from vocational schools and management trainers.

Certification courses to improve your teaching skills

Each seminar is different because each participant learns differently. Acquire the target-oriented methods in the certification seminar for the persolog Learning and Teaching Model.

Please contact us for details!

Learning tools for the persolog Learning and Teaching Model

  • persolog Learning Style Profile (German, French)
  • persolog Learning Style Profile for Teenagers (German, French)
  • persolog Teacher Style Profile (German, French)

We have been working very successfully with the Persolog learning and teaching model since certification. Especially when working with trainees, we find out what opportunities there are to sensitize them to the subject of learning and to support them with this. They develop new approaches from this. We trainers have also become more aware of how our teaching methods can be better applied to the various types of learner when it comes to teaching. In this way, we can also respond more specifically to the trainees.

Anja Drotleff

Nein, Danke

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