The Jury Nominates persolog for the GlobalConnect Award 2012 in the “Hidden Champion” Category


HQ persolog

persolog is among the three nominated companies in this category. One of them will receive the prize on November 14, 2012, during an evening reception. It will be hosted by Dr. Nils Schmid MdL, the Minister of Finance and Economics of Baden-Württemberg.

The GlobalConnect Award is nationally announced. It rewards outstanding concepts for foreign business by chambers of commerce and industry, Handwerk International, Baden-Württemberg International, and Messe Stuttgart.

Companies are encouraged to be more internationally active to strengthen Germany’s export location. As Hidden Champions, companies are recognized for their special foreign strategies or the occupation of a niche position related to successful market positioning.

Globally, over 6,000 trainers* and personnel managers trained by persolog utilize its scientifically proven models, questionnaires, workbooks, and seminar concepts. They apply these tools to enhance professional development and organizational effectiveness.

Across four continents, 17 country partners adapt the tools from persolog both linguistically and culturally. They offer seminars and on-site customer service in the respective national language. Partners leverage the advantages of the headquarters’ internationally oriented marketing and development concept. For example, the learning tools are available online and in print in up to 32 languages, and all countries adhere to the same website concept. At the same time, they also stay flexible enough to deal with different communication styles, product needs, and pricing demands in each area.

This is fantastic! The nomination for the GlobalConnect Award is a recognition of persolog’s outstanding performance. Their internationally oriented approaches and adaptability to local conditions are impressive. With over 6,000* trained trainers worldwide and a wide range of languages and services, persolog has built a significant global presence. The nomination underscores their commitment to innovation and excellence in international business.

*based on the article of 2012. 12 Years later – in 2024 – we have over 14.000 Trainers worldwide.

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